2011 – 2013 Advanced Course of Plastic Arts, AR.CO – Center of Art and Visual Communication.
Attended several workshops related to various areas of the visual arts.
Worked one year in an Artistic Residence in the studio of the sculptor António Júlio and, later, one year as Curator’s Assistant in a gallery of Lisbon.

His practice primarily focuses on painting and installations. Drawing and sculpture with aluminum – the preferred material for working in three dimensions, also feature in his body of work. Building objects, using hands, tools and primary materials are an intrinsic part of his works.

In addition to the absolutely decisive contribution made by AR.CO – Center for Art and Visual Communication, the “All-Around” exhibition (Loures, 2015) is a positive turning point in the way it has influenced and structured his creative process and the execution of the projects that followed.



• Honourable Mention – Drawing – Almada Drawing Biennial
– A jury composed by:
Filipa Oliveira – Casa da Cerca’s and Artistic Director – Almada Contemporary Art Center
João Pedro Cochofel – Visual Artist and member of the Administration of Diferença Gallery
Louro Artur – Painter, Teacher and delegate of Imargem

Prize – Sculpture
– By the MAC Gallery – Contemporary Art Movement

Prize – Cultural Collaboration
– By the MAC Gallery – Contemporary Art Movement

Revelation Artist Award
– By the MAC Gallery – Contemporary Art Movement

London Calling Finalist in London – England
– A jury composed by:
Vanessa DesClaux – Assistant Curator of Performance, The Tate Modern, London
Tom Morton – Curator at the Hayward Gallery, London and contributing editor at Frieze
Francesco Manacorda – Curator at the Barbican Art Gallery, London